CrossFit Da Fonz is owned and operated by Simon Colley and Zack Williams. CrossFit Da Fonz operates out of Newstead’s well known hybrid training facility Gym Cartel. Brought together by their passion for no nonsense fitness and desire to provide the local community with a real grass roots gym, the two friends opened Gym Cartel’s doors in February 2013.

The staff at Gym Cartel believe in CrossFit and that fostering a team environment coupled with safe, efficient movement patterns is the key to both individual and group success. One visit to Gym Cartel and CrossFit Da Fonz and you will see how this strategy is changing lives on a daily basis.



CrossFit Da Fonz, whilst only launching in 2016, is made up of coaches and members that have been active in the CrossFit community for almost a decade. Their passion to introduce new members to the value of CrossFit is only rivalled by their devotion towards their current members.

Now the gym hones some of the most experienced coaches in Brisbane. Experts in their fields with a “walk the talk” attitude. CrossFit Da Fonz is a community that will produce the best possible version of yourself…and it will become a community that you will soon refer to as a family.


Photographer: Jack Harlem