Company Lifestyle Challenge

Company Lifestyle Challenge

Our online challenges are there to transform your company’s culture.

I know, big call for an online health and fitness challenge, but stick with me.

I completely believe that by providing your team a tool to enhance their lives that actually works, you’ll be doing what no raise, title bump, or feel-good initiative could ever do…you’ll show them you actually give a s**t.

Because you’ll make them healthier and happier. Not in word, but in deed.

In the process, your business becomes a better place to work, with dedication, collaboration, and results-oriented thinking flowing naturally.

When you think about it, sounds like the place you always wanted it to be.

How Does It Work?

We run our Lifestyle Challenge over 6 weeks, we designed it to help your employees build good habits around seven healthy habits.

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Mobility

  • Sleep

  • Hydration

  • Lifestyle

  • Reflection

While on the Challenge, they’ll learn these habits, becoming happier and healthier, learning better ways to manage stress, and become more connected with their colleagues. Whilst dedicated, they’ll begin to feel fantastic…they’ll lose weight, adopt new levels of self-care, and bond on their journey of growing together.

They’ll literally transform and that will show in everything they do.

Leader Driven

You’ll find most corporate wellness programs are hands-off.

Not this bad boy.

We believe that our Challenge must be led from the front. With your leaders showing that they care not only through their words, but through their actions, joining and leading their teams.

I believe in never asking anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself. Equally, we won’t have you ask your team to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.

And if you’re able to make this commitment, we’ll meet you with 100% support, constant guidance, and training. We’ll help you build your team, lead it to success, and measure how things went.

Not About the Money

Corporate wellness is big on promising financial benefits.

Ringing the register with bottom-line changes. Driving reduced insurance premiums. Promising ROI on every dollar spent.

We don’t make those claims.

(Not because we can’t, but because we don’t think that’s the point.)

Instead, we’ll suggest that making your employees well isn’t a spreadsheet exercise.

It’s an exercise in doing the right thing.

And your culture will reflect every ounce of that effort.


August 12, 2019

Entry Cost: Team Registration $99 + $39 per participant.


  • All the promotional materials you need to build your team, including emails, social assets and posters.

  • Three complimentary player registrations — 1 for your team leader and 2 additional free entries.

  • An online leaderboard unique to your team so you can see how everyone is doing day-to-day.

  • Ongoing guidance for team leaders on boosting and maintaining player engagement.

  • An online communication feed for your team to share, support, and encourage each other.

You also have the option for us to go onsite for a preliminary rally, conducting baseline testing, taking player measurements using Inbody Bio scanners and nutrition talk. (Starts at $30 per participant)

Wounded Heroes - The Inaugural Aussie Hero WOD Month

Wounded Heroes - The Inaugural Aussie Hero WOD Month

Commencing: Monday, May 27

Duration: Every Monday until Jun 24

Total WODs: 5 (1 per day)

When: Every CrossFit class on Monday.

Gym Cartel & CrossFit Da Fonz is asking it’s members to help in funding support services for deployed personnel, the wounded and their families.

We will be running one Australian Hero WOD every Monday for five Mondays. We encourage our members to show support by making a donation to the Wounded Heroes Australia registered charity and then join us each week and give it your absolute best in 5 carefully selected and gruelling Aussie Hero WODs. You’ll find these WODs as “Workout of the Day” on SugarWOD.

There will be a prize for the member with fastest combined time of the 5 Hero WODs completed RX. We will also be presenting a large banner baring the names of all of our members that complete all 5 Hero WODs (RX or scaled). We will hang this in the gym proudly for all to see.

Wounded Heroes Association is a national community organisation established to support Australian servicemen and women and their families, and to ease the financial, emotional and personal hardships of contemporary military life.

Wounded Heroes is a registered charity in Australia (ABN 91644109140)  and is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Public Benevolent Institution, where all donations are tax deductible. 

Join the #800gChallenge

Join the #800gChallenge


This challenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) of fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day.

No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies of your choice. Hit the macros you want.

Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter! If you can weigh it as a standalone and unprocessed fruit or vegetable, you can count it. Yep, that’s it! Here’s a one-sheet with all the rules and scoring details.

So why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and is a simplified way to hit those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Read more here.


May 6 to Jun 2


Register here by May 2nd.


We will host two meetings at the gym to go over all the challenge rules and answer your questions. 7AM and 7pm Wednesday May 1st. Be sure to be there!


$79 per person, includes two InBody Composition scans. ($69 per person for Gym Cartel Members)


We will be using SugarWOD to log scores, leaderboard and fist bump throughout the challenge. More info on scoring and logging can be found here.


  • Brisbane Financial Services - Brisbane’s most awarded wealth firm.



Saturday, April 27 marks the kickoff of our first annual PODIUM WEEK. A community centred event designed to give you all a chance to push yourselves to try something new or aim for a bigger goal during your workouts this week. Here is how it works.

Every day this week at the box, you will be asked to look for “Podium” opportunities in the programmed workout and make a goal for yourself before you hit the WOD to do something you have never done before.

Here is an example. Let’s say that the workout programmed is:


1000m row > 50 Thrusters > 30 Pull-ups

We would take a look at the movements in the workout and try to find opportunities for “Podiums”. In Jackie, some of the podium opportunities might be to row a 1k faster than you ever have, do 50 unbroken thrusters, do “real” pull ups in a WOD, do unbroken pull ups….you get the idea.

Whether it is increasing the weight you use, completing unbroken reps, or trying a new movement as prescribed- there are a number of opportunities to challenge yourself in any given workout.

Coaches will be encouraging members to think about what their podium attempt will be for each workout and we will be acknowledging people’s victories with a picture and the hashtag #CartelPodiumWeek. This should be a fun week and a great opportunity to push ourselves and celebrate some victories. We hope you will share your victories too!