Saturday, April 27 marks the kickoff of our first annual PODIUM WEEK. A community centred event designed to give you all a chance to push yourselves to try something new or aim for a bigger goal during your workouts this week. Here is how it works.

Every day this week at the box, you will be asked to look for “Podium” opportunities in the programmed workout and make a goal for yourself before you hit the WOD to do something you have never done before.

Here is an example. Let’s say that the workout programmed is:


1000m row > 50 Thrusters > 30 Pull-ups

We would take a look at the movements in the workout and try to find opportunities for “Podiums”. In Jackie, some of the podium opportunities might be to row a 1k faster than you ever have, do 50 unbroken thrusters, do “real” pull ups in a WOD, do unbroken pull ups….you get the idea.

Whether it is increasing the weight you use, completing unbroken reps, or trying a new movement as prescribed- there are a number of opportunities to challenge yourself in any given workout.

Coaches will be encouraging members to think about what their podium attempt will be for each workout and we will be acknowledging people’s victories with a picture and the hashtag #CartelPodiumWeek. This should be a fun week and a great opportunity to push ourselves and celebrate some victories. We hope you will share your victories too!