Warm up:

3 sets
10 Deficit Push Ups (11X1)
1min R/L Lateral Banded Side Shoulder Raise
20 Reverse Shrugs on Dip Bar
4 sets
4 Depth Push ups to Explosive Rebound Up
10 Seated Med Ball Throws

1. Push Press (75%x 5 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 95%x 1+ reps)

2. Complete 21-15-9-15-21 for time of:
Power clean (40/30) (RX+60/40)
True Push-up (RX+ HSPU)


Your session starts off with a nice clean complex. 

10 rounds – Every 2:30 minutes, perform:

1x squat clean + 2x front squat + 3x thruster (Work up to a max for the day)

Following this, hit a PB on the Push Press! 1RM!! Then join the class for Power Cleans and HSPU's...

Core finisher is: 

 3 rounds, not for time:

5x Pause weighted GHD sit ups (10kg/6kg Med-ball…pause for 3 seconds in bottom/full extension position, then explode up)

6x good morning (AHAP)