2 sets
30sec Alternating Contralateral Dead Bugs
30sec Captain Morgan (R)
30sec 4 Way Dead Bug
30sec Captain Morgan (L)

1. Back Squat (Warm up for 3 heavy sets of 5)

COMP SQUAD: Perform 2 Back Squats @ 85-90% every 2min for 20min (as soon as you rack the weight perform 1 x max height box jump) Note : for the 10 doubles at 90%, things are going to get emotional. If you start to miss, drop the weight to 80% and continue on.

2a) Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 power clean (60/40)
10 box jumps (24in/20in)
15 wallball

2b) At the 15 minute mark, perform:
1 rep max thruster

*Five minute time cap. Bar must be taken from the floor.

Supplemental: 3 x 12 Reverse Hyper Extensions