5am, 9:30am AND 5:30pm RunningWOD session

For Time:
-Run 400 meters
-Rest 1 minute
-Run 800 meters
-Rest 2 minutes
-Run 1,200 meters
-Rest 3 minutes
-Run 1,600 meters


Partner workout
"Annie's Gonna Knock You Out"
1-2 and parry Combo
Ab Mat Sit ups

* Both partners wear 10oz Gloves. P1 throw a 1-2 (jab cross) combo at P2 who parrys the shots. P2 then throws whilst P1 parrys. After both P1 & P2 have completed 50 combos they both drop and perform 50 AbMat situps before hopping back to their feet for 40 reps and so on...

Round #2
Partner Workout
5 Rounds:
60sec Band Resisted Bag Work
60sec Holding Band...make them WORK!!

* Green band is secured around boxers waist. The boxer is required to stand their ground and throw consistant shots to the bag whilst their partner pulls at the band in all directions with varying levels of intensity.

Round #3
"Gun Jack"
5 Sets of:
60sec Heavy Hammer Curls for max reps
60sec Combos on bag

* The goal is to get max reps, but here is the kicker, you have to hold the weight for the full 60sec. If you can't get another eccentric/concentric rep, isometric holds count.