1. 2 Position Clean + Jerk (Every 2min for 10 rounds)

1x hang clean + 1x clean + 1x split jerk

Work up to a max 1+1+1 for the day, but keep it crisp and goal is no misses. They do not need to be touch and go, so if you’d like to reset after the hang clean, feel free and the jerk is only after the second clean

2. Complete 3 rounds for max reps of:

3 minute max rep double unders (RX+ Triple Unders)

2 minute max rep 2-arm Russian KB swing @ 2x16kg/2x12kg (RX+ 2x24kg/2x16kg)

-1 minute max rep AbMat Sit-ups (RX+ GHD sit ups)

*Rest 2 minutes between rounds