Friday 15.1.16


Warm up:
3 Sets
Static Pillar Hold 30sec
Alternating Reaching Hands Pillar Holds 30sec
Leg Cradle Lunge w/Lateral Flexion and Extension

1. Deadlift (70%x 3, 80%x 3, 90%x 3+ (max reps))

2. “Nicole”
20-Minute AMRAP of:
400m Run
Max Rep Pull-ups

Comp Squad:
Additional work pre wk 3 Deadlift and Nicole

1. Power snatch: Work up to 65% of your 1 RM power snatch (Should only take you 5-10 minutes), then:

2. Touch and go snatch:
10 rounds – Every 30 seconds, complete:
3x TnG snatch @ 70% 1 RM

*I’d like to see touch and go but it is not mandatory. This is the 3rd and final progression for the snatches in this protocol. Things might get a little weird at the end so if you have to squat snatch, thats fine.

Post WOD:
3 rounds:
60 second weighted plank (AHAP)
60 second rest
60 second chine plank hold, face up (AHAP)
Rest as needed